The US should reform health care industry to improve life expectancy rates, study says

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  • The Commonwealth Fund compared U.S. life expectancy data against other large middle and high-income countries. 
  • Mississippi and West Virginia have the lowest life expectancy in the U.S., at 74 years. California and Hawaii have the highest, at nearly 81 years. 
  • Even though the U.S. spends the most on health care compared to other large nations, life expectancy rates are drastically l...

Want affordable health care? Make hospitals comply with posting prices online

The Biden administration and Congress are addressing spiraling costs of health care and health insurance by extending expanded pandemic-era Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act. Yet simply transferring rising costs to taxpayers does nothing to address the underlying health care unaffordability crisis. In fact, increasing subsidies makes it easier for health insurers to further raise premiums and pad their record profits. Major insurers have already announce...

What budget reconciliation could have been and what Congress must do next

Over the past few months, Congress has checked several important legislative boxes, including new gun safety measures, an expansion of healthcare for veterans and investments in the manufacturing sector. This has culminated with the final passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the budget reconciliation bill that will make significant investments in addressing healthcare and climate change needs.   

The recent productivity is notable and...

Democrats are on a dangerous path with drug pricing

The passage of Democrats’ sweeping economic package — which is designed to combat climate change, address health care costs and reduce the deficit by raising taxes on corporations — is a major win for President Biden’s agenda.

Further, Democrats’ push to pass a $35 insulin cap for non-Medicare patients was the right move both practically and politically — even though it was ultimately unsuccessful — as they forced Republicans to either side with them or to go on reco...

Talk about corporate welfare: Federal giveaways to wind, solar sectors are about to explode

The hype around the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, also known as the Manchin-Schumer bill, has been extraordinary. On Aug. 8, New York Times opinion columnist Paul Krugman published a piece headlined “Did Democrats Just Save Civilization?” in which he declared that “experts on energy and the environment are giddy over what has been accomplished” and the “world is a more hopeful place than it was just a few weeks ago.”

Five former Treasury secretaries declared that the measur...

Sunday shows preview: House sends climate, tax and health package to Biden

The Sunday talk show circuit this week will revolve around the Democratic climate, tax and health package sent from the House to President Biden’s desk.

The $740 billion package was passed by House Democrats on Friday after it narrowly passed in a party-line vote in the Senate, where Vice President Harris voted to break the tie.

To avoid a Republican filibuster, Senate Democrats used budget reconciliation to approve the package with a simple majority.

The Inf...

Energy & Environment — House passes landmark climate bill

The biggest climate bill in U.S. history is headed to President Biden’s desk, plus a federal judge restores a freeze on coal leasing on public lands. 

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House sends climate bill to Biden in party-line vote 

House Democrats passed their sweeping tax,...

When will Americans feel the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act?

The House moved Friday to pass a sweeping climate and health care bill, delivering a long-awaited legislative win to President Biden's desk for his signature. 

The White House is preparing to deploy officials across the country to promote the historic action on climate change and lowering prescription drug costs contained in the bill, pitching it as a solution to ease the pain of consumers grappling with high inflation. 

However, while some of the provisions wil...

House approves sweeping climate, tax, health care package

House Democrats passed their sweeping tax, climate and health care bill on Friday, sending the $740 billion legislation to President Biden’s desk and securing a significant victory for Democrats less than three months before the midterm elections.

The bill, titled the Inflation Reduction Act, passed the House in a 220-207, party-line vote. Four Republicans did not vote, while every Democrat voted in support.

House passage came four days after the Senate approved the ...

Here’s what’s in the Inflation Reduction Act, the sweeping bill impacting health, climate and taxes

The House on Friday afternoon is expected to approve the Inflation Reduction Act, sending a top Democratic legislative priority to the White House in a significant victory for President Biden.

The includes measures to address energy and climate as well as major changes to the tax code and to health care.

Here's a look at what is included in the bill:


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