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On his first day at work, the new White House chief of staff, John Kelly, brought in some order: He pushed Anthony Scaramucci, the flamboyant and divisive new communications director, out of his job. But whether Kelly can impose some discipline on the rest of the Trump administration and its allies in Congress is another matter.

You’re fired!

CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Anthony Scaramucci, the newly hired White House Communications Director, was newly fired today, more than two weeks before his official first day on the job.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a self-proclaimed champion of the free market, just announced that he’s giving $3 billion in taxpayer money to Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer.

Black women’s ‘equal pay day’ reminds us how persistent the wage gap is

Black women receive 67 cents to a white man’s dollar.CREDIT: iStockPhoto

Monday is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, the day that marks when black women are paid the same wages as their white male peers were paid last year. Black women are paid only 67 cents on the dollar relative to non-Hispanic white men, according to analysis from the Economic Policy Institute.

Black women could lose $840,040 over...

Trump’s latest attempt to gut Obamacare could backfire spectacularly

Congratulations on your expanded welfare state!CREDIT: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As soon as this week, according to Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, Trump intends to decide whether to cut off payments intended to stabilize insurance markets and make health care affordable for many Americans with modest incomes.

Trump apparently believes that cutting off these payments will help “implode” Obam...