Happy Presidents’ Day! Meet the five most underrated American presidents

The institution of the presidency’s had a bad year.

With a few exceptions, Donald Trump makes all of his predecessors look good. There was a time when the President of the United States did not spend hours at a time watching cable news. Or when they didn’t compare the size of their, um, “Nuclear Button” to that of other foreign leaders. At least in recent decades, there was also a time when the White House’s immigration policies weren’t guided by ...

Canadians cut food and heating to afford prescription drugs, report finds

  • Nearly one million Canadians sacrificed groceries and heating
  • The only developed country with no universal drug plan

Nearly one million Canadians sacrificed food and heating last year in order to afford prescription drugs, according to a new report.

Despite having a universal health care system, Canada remains the only developed country in the world with no universal drug plan. It also has the second-highest drug prices in the industrialized world.

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An Idaho insurance company is skirting Obamacare law. Will the Trump administration stop it?

Blue Cross of Idaho submitted five health plans to Idaho insurance regulators on Tuesday that do not comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to local reports. The move has serious repercussions on people’s health care — and if the Trump administration allows the state to bypass the federal health law, other states could soon do the same.

If approved, Blue Cross of Idaho will begin selling plans in March that charge people with pre-existing conditions and old...