Trump’s Medicare chief: Expanding Medicare to more Americans is scary

Seema Verma isn’t a well-known member of President Donald Trump’s administration, but she is an important one.

As the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Verma is in charge of overseeing health programs that over 100 million Americans rely on.

So it seemed like an odd choice for Trump’s Medicare chief to call the proposal to expand Medicare coverage to more Americans scary in an attempted Halloween joke on Wednesday.

Trump administration says Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker can have his Medicaid work requirements

Wisconsin is officially the fourth state to condition Medicaid recipients’ health care on work, even as two other states are currently being sued for their requirements.

The Trump administration approved Gov. Scott Walkers’ long-sought policy on Wednesday, less than a week before election day, when he faces a tough race against Democrat challenger Tony Evers.

The state estimates more than 5,000 will no longer have Medicaid coverage due to Wednesday’s changes...

There are not two sides to birthright citizenship. Reporters who say so are committing malpractice.

Reporters, please, for the love of God, don’t do this.

Breaking News: President Trump said he was preparing an executive order to end birthright citizenship. It is unclear whether he can do so unilaterally.

— The New York Times (@nytimes) October 30, 2018

It is not “unclear” whether Trump can act unilaterally. The Constitution’s text unambiguously says that Trump cannot do this — an...

Meet Katie Hill, the advocate for homeless people running to flip a solidly red California district

Katie Hill has been running for Congress for 19 months, and you can tell. Her answers to policy questions are polished and substantive. She has studies to back up her claims. Her body language tells you she’s at ease, but her resolute gaze belongs to someone practiced at anticipating challenges and personal jabs.

Hill is a 31 year-old executive of a nonprofit, PATH, People Assisting The Homeless, who grew up in grew up in Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley. She would be the fir...

Illinois Democrat who helped implement Obamacare aims to unseat Republican who voted to repeal it

Illinois Rep. Randy Hultgren (R) voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) nine times since he was first elected in 2010. Now, in the midst of a competitive race, he’s saying he’ll preserve a central feature of the health law.

“I’ve voted 100 percent of the time protecting people with pre-existing conditions that they get coverage,” Hultgren told local media.

When his Democratic challenger Lauren Underwood called him out for lying last week during ...