How to improve the health care of 825,000 people? By ballot

Big things are happening for more than 800,000 million people nationwide.

Effective January 1st, roughly 400,000 people will have Medicaid insurance in Virginia; in New Jersey, another 275,000 people will see their Obamacare premiums reduce next year; and 150,000 undocumented Californians could soon have health coverage for the first time.

And political participation made it all possible.

Turnout for Virginia’s gubernatorial race last November was the highest in ...

Voters in battleground states are keen for candidates to take on Wall Street, research finds

Voters in crucial battleground districts across the country are hungry to take on the plutocracy. That’s the key takeaway from a new survey undertaken by Lake Research Partners, who find voters on all parts of the political spectrum demonstrate an “overwhelming, broad-based, and intense support for curbing big banks’ influence in Washington, and holding financial companies accountable for discrimination. ” The survey is one of many pieces of mounting evidence that the ele...