Amazon isn’t going to be your health care savior

An announcement Tuesday morning that three of the richest, most powerful companies in the United States are launching a new effort to break the health insurance industry’s stranglehold on the economy was greeted with great excitement.

The new firm is the brainchild of Berkshire Hathaway tycoon Warren Buffett, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Their goal is to break the age-old cycle of ever-rising health care costs in the United States, where people pay more t...

The chilling attack on liberal democracy buried in Trump’s speech

President Donald Trump spent the bulk of his first State of the Union address touting his tax policy and laying out an immigration proposal that would advance many white nationalist organizations’ top priorities.

Buried within the speech, however, was a proposal that would fundamentally rework the balance of power between civil servants and political appointees — and strike a deep blow to the rule of law in the process.

“I call on the Congress to empower eve...

Trump touts opioid work, but has actually done almost nothing

The Trump administration is fighting the opioid epidemic, President Trump said Tuesday in his first State of the Union address — but the Trump administration hasn’t actually done much to fight the epidemic beyond declaring a state of emergency, which is merely a bureaucratic formality.

“In 2016, we lost 64,000 Americans to drug overdoses: 174 deaths per day. Seven per hour.  We must get much tougher on drug dealers and pushers if we are going to succeed in stopping this scourg...