‘Trump hasn’t just done a good job, he’s done a great job’ – the view from Muncie, Indiana

Gary Younge spent a month in the ‘archetypal’ US town before last year’s election. The people swung for Trump, but how do they feel a year on?

Griffin Timmerman, six, is a runner. Given the opportunity, the small, lively boy, who has autism and prefers to play on his own, would just keep going. He once ran into the road; this is one of the reasons why his family moved out of Muncie, Indiana, to the country, giving him more space and free rein for his energy.

It is also why his ...

42 people now own the same amount of wealth as the bottom 3.7 billion people in the world

Last year saw the biggest increase in the number of billionaires in history — a new one every two days — bringing the number of global billionaires to 2,043. Nine out of 10 of them are men, according to new report from Oxfam released Monday, which details the ways global inequality thrived in 2017.

Last year, the wealth of that elite group increased by $762 billion, enough to end global poverty seven times over, and between 2006 and 2015, according to Oxfam, ordinary wor...

Call for pitches: Economic Policy

ThinkProgress is looking for freelance pitches on the real world impacts of economic policy on the everyday lives of Americans.

The decisions made by lawmakers on issues like tax credits, the minimum wage, health care mandates, or paid leave can mean a life of wealth and dignity for some and one of deprivation and hardship for others.

We want stories about the human side of these issues. Tell us about the importance of social safety net programs — like welfare, Medicai...

The government just shut down. Here’s how it happened.

Many federal government agencies and services officially shut down midnight Saturday, after the Senate rejected a short-term spending bill that would have funded the government through Feb. 16.

The first government shutdown since 2013 came after months of confusing and contradictory statements by President Donald Trump, often on Twitter, and an unwillingness by Republicans to include legislation to protect “DREAMers.” Roughly 800,000 undocumented immigrants who have lived in the U....

Trump’s beliefs about diet and exercise could make Americans sick

On Wednesday, White House physician Ronny L. Jackson revealed the results of President Donald Trump’s physical exam. His very high LDL cholesterol level, despite a prescription for a cholesterol-lowering drug, and a reported weight that put him one pound shy of being obese for his height, caused outside experts to show concern for the president’s health.

Jackson instead lauded Trump’s eyesight, cognitive abilities, and heart function, praising Trump’s genes.<...

CHIP isn’t the only health program Congress has failed to fund

It’s been 110 days since Congress failed to refinance the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that insures nine million kids nationwide. And the same is true for community health centers, which provide health care services to 27 million patients nationwide.

As members of Congress continue to wrangle over legislative details ahead of the potential government shutdown, federally-qualified health clinics, CHIP kids, and Dreamers are all caught in the middle; although...