[Series] Primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease: populations, individuals, and health professionals

Ischaemic heart disease has a multifactorial aetiology and can be prevented from developing in populations primordially, and in individuals at high risk by primary prevention. The primordial approach focuses on social determinants of health in populations: political, economic, and social factors, principally unplanned urbanisation, illiteracy, poverty, and working and living conditions. Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals can lead to major improvements in cardiovascular hea...

Some presidential candidates are making trans rights a 2020 campaign issue

A handful of presidential candidates say the needs of transgender Americans deserve more attention, and they’re making them an issue on the 2020 campaign trail.

Three candidates for the Democratic nomination spoke at length recently with the National Center for Transgender Equality Action Fund about how their policies on health care, education, and justice would affect transgender people. The action fund provided a transcript of a forum called Transform the White House.

Why Planned Parenthood was right to refuse federal funding | Moira Donegan

The Trump administration put Planned Parenthood in an untenable position – and the organization made the moral choice to walk away

The Trump administration expanded its assault on women’s rights this week, engineering the loss of birth control and other reproductive healthcare coverage for millions of low income women.

On Monday, the administration’s Title X gag rule went into effect, barring any provider who performs abortions or even provides referrals for them from receiving...