What the Democratic House majority means for Medicare for All

Thousands of people dialed into a call Tuesday evening to strategize how Democrats can make unprecedented progress on Medicare for All. A week after the midterm elections handed House Democrats the majority, organizers with National Nurses United hosted a conference call with lawmakers, activists, and just about any #M4A enthusiast, outlining how single-payer legislation passes at least one chamber of Congress. By the end of the one-hour call, most unmuted to say “I believe that we w...

Thanks to voters, America will have the most number of abortion-friendly governors in decades

While the Trump administration continues to limit access to sexual and reproductive health care, patients and activists alike can take comfort in knowing rollbacks may abate at the state-level as newly elected governors take office in 2019. There may even be more proactive measures to expand access to birth control, abortion, and other reproductive health services next year.

The GOP’s steadfast control over state capitols wavered on Tuesday with Democratic wins in governors ra...

Trump administration finalizes rules allowing employers to stop paying for birth control

The Trump administration announced Wednesday that it has finalized the rollback of an Obama-era rule mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that required employers to provide contraception coverage for their employees, regardless of whether it conflicts with their moral or religious beliefs.

The new rules, set to take place in about 60 days, will allow employers that object to the use of birth control to stop paying for their workers’ contraception. The change will affect b...

West Virginia and Alabama voters approve dangerous anti-choice ballot initiatives

Voters in Alabama and West Virginia approved ballot initiatives on Tuesday that will update the state constitutions to declare that abortion rights are not guaranteed, a move that will severely curtail reproductive rights in the states. In Oregon, voters blocked a similar ballot initiative that would have prevented taxpayer dollars from covering abortions for Medicaid beneficiaries and public employees.

Pro-choice and anti-choice advocates in all three states campaigned for weeks pr...

Voters just gave more than 300,000 people health care

Residents in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah voted to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tuesday, granting health coverage to more than 300,000 low-income people.

Although all three states historically voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, activists gathered enough signatures to put Medicaid on the ballot in each red state and residents managed to set partisan politics aside.

This means upwards of 62,000 people in Idaho, roughly ...

Democrats winning the popular vote won’t be enough to save Americans’ health care from Republicans

The 2010 election was a historic disaster for the Democratic Party. Republican House candidates won the national popular vote by 6.8 percentage points and took a commanding majority as a result. It marked the end of President Obama’s legislative agenda and the beginning of an era when Republicans demanded massive concessions just to keep the government open.

Now imagine that 2018 is the mirror image of 2010 — that is, that Democrats win the popular vote by the exact same...

Trump’s Medicare chief: Expanding Medicare to more Americans is scary

Seema Verma isn’t a well-known member of President Donald Trump’s administration, but she is an important one.

As the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Verma is in charge of overseeing health programs that over 100 million Americans rely on.

So it seemed like an odd choice for Trump’s Medicare chief to call the proposal to expand Medicare coverage to more Americans scary in an attempted Halloween joke on Wednesday.