Idaho Republicans seek to limit Medicaid expansion against the will of voters

Idaho Republicans are looking into several proposals aimed at hobbling a successful ballot initiative to expand Medicaid in the state, joining a growing list of red states trying to limit health care coverage against the will of voters.

Republican lawmakers have considered plans to apply work requirements, co-pays, and lifetime limits. They also plan to ask the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to grant the waivers before the ballot initiative goes into effect on Jan....

Utah Senate passes bill limiting Medicaid expansion in favor of costly alternative

The Utah Senate voted Monday to partially repeal a ballot measure that would have expanded Medicaid to nearly 150,000 low-income residents in the state, weeks after voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots in favor of the initiative.

The legislation now moves to the state House, where it is also expected to pass. Gov. Gary Herbert (R) is also expected to sign the measure.

Senators voted 22-7 largely along party lines to pass GOP-sponsored legislation that would cap the pool o...

Maine’s new governor moves to give health care to 70,000 people on her first day in office

Maine approved Medicaid expansion by a ballot initiative more than a year ago, but former Governor Paul LePage had blocked it from taking effect.

Thankfully, Gov. Janet Mills (D-ME) knows how to keep a promise.

On Thursday, in her first executive order on her first day in office, Mills ordered Maine to move forward with Medicaid expansion, which is likely to provide health insurance for an additional 70,000 Maine residents.

Our new Administration w...

A eulogy for the most incompetent House majority in modern history

Long before Donald Trump’s second-place finish somehow landed him in the White House, Republicans in Congress promised a package of benefit cuts, privatization, and tax cuts for the wealthy that were so cruel, American voters literally refused to believe they were real. In 2012, a Democratic super PAC decided not to campaign against future Speaker Paul Ryan’s package of Medicare vouchers and upper income tax cuts after participants in a focus group “simply refused to beli...

Arkansas moves to cut Medicaid funds to health facilities serving elderly, people with disabilities

The Arkansas state legislature advanced a proposal Monday that would slash Medicaid payments to assisted living facilities that provide services to the elderly and individuals with disabilities — a move that continues the state’s assault on the public health insurance program designed for low-income people.

Lawmakers advanced the legislation in a joint meeting of the House and Senate public health committees, choosing to move forward even after a variety of providers and indiv...