Cardi B interviews Joe Biden and tells him ‘Trump out’ is election priority

  • Rapper and Biden talk politics in wide-ranging Elle interview
  • Democratic nominee fails to respond to Medicare for All query

In a wide-ranging interview released on Monday, Cardi B told Joe Biden her priority for the election in November is to get “Trump out”.

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US politics: virtual Democratic convention to start amid coronavirus crisis – live updates

  • Pelosi recalls House early to fight postal service election ‘sabotage’
  • Sanders says Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting a ‘crisis for democracy’
  • Virtual Democratic convention to kick off with emphasis on unity
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Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington and Julia Louis-Dreyfus will help em...

Sen. Mike Lee provides Tea Party response to SOTU

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) criticized the Obama administration for contributing to the nation's massive income gap by making Americans too dependent on government. He also stressed what he said is the need for lower taxes in order to spark the economy, and said the best way to stop Obamacare is to provide better health care solutions.