Jeffrey Epstein: officials await more information before releasing cause of death – live

  • Multimillionaire financier was facing sex trafficking charges
  • Donald Trump on vacation with no public events scheduled
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2.42pm BST

According to the Urban Institute, 1 in 7 adults in immigrant families are eschewing public benefits out of fear that it could affect their chances of getting a green card.

Respondents of the organization’s survey reported choosin...

Democratic debates: Sanders and Warren clash with moderates over healthcare – live

Sanders tells John Delaney ‘you’re wrong’ about Medicare for all while Warren describes a man with ALS struggling to pay his medical bills

1.37am BST

Jake Tapper has so far been vigilant about keeping candidates to the time limits that CNN is trying to enforce.

That technique may help each candidate receive a more proportionate time of camera attention, but it has also made for a choppy debate with candidates repeatedly...

Trump renews attack on Baltimore congressman Elijah Cummings – live

Trump’s comments this morning to 9/11 first responders that he “spent a lot time” at Ground Zero are raising serious doubts.

A New York Times reporter who spent years covering the fallout of the attacks for the New York Post tweeted this:

So, I covered rebuilding at the WTC for three years after covering the immediate aftermath of the attacks for NYPost. Giuliani was a frequent presence w families, as was Pataki. I recall one instance where Trump was at the site.

Trump’s reference to ‘7/11’ was a slip of the lip. News accounts from days just after 9/11 include references to Trump giving high-fives to police officers and volunteers on their way to the World Trade Center site. ‘I have a lot of men working down here. I want to make sure they’re OK,’ he said. Trump said his employers were cleaning and digging out, but declined to say where they were working.

Joe Biden’s campaign has released its own blistering criticism of Kamala Harris’ health care plan.

A statement from Biden’s campaign accuses the California senator of having “released a health care plan that both backtracks on her long-promised – but then-hedged – support of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All legislation while at the same time committing to still unraveling the hard-won Affordable Care Act that the Trump Administration is trying to undo right now.”

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Bernie Sanders’ ideas are shaping the 2020 debate – but is he still a force?

The diverse Democratic field is a contrast from 2016 but the leftwing firebrand believes Medicare for All can dent his rivals’ hopes

Gruff, iconoclastic and relentlessly on-message, Bernie Sanders thrilled the progressive left when he ran for president in 2016 and came within striking distance of capturing the Democratic nomination.

Related: Al Franken: senators say they regret calling for his resignation

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Trump’s real 2020 weakness: healthcare | Lloyd Green

The Affordable Care Act – AKA Obamacare – is more popular than Trump and the Republican party realize. They’ve opened themselves to an ambush

Unemployment and inflation are low. America growls, but its sword is sheathed. Donald Trump should be preaching peace and prosperity. Instead, the president appears determined to make his re-election bid about healthcare and relitigate the 2018 midterms. If past is prelude, that tale doesn’t come with a happy ending for Trump or his party.


Democratic debates: Sanders, Biden and Harris among candidates set to clash – live

The second debate of the 2020 primary season features big hitters and up-and-comers such as Pete Buttigieg

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11.39pm BST

“For all the unprecedented scale and diversity of the massive number of candidates vying for presidential nomination of the Democratic party, they can be sheeplike in their herd behavior,” write my colleagues Ed Pilkington and Lauren Gambi...

Democratic debates: 2020 candidates go head to head in first test of primaries – live

Ten Democrats will debate each other tonight – will they attack the party’s frontrunner, Joe Biden, or sell their own vision for the future?

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11.45pm BST

In terms of what we can expect our diez Democrats to discuss tonight, the DNC has promised questions about the climate crisis, which were conspicuously absent from the presidential debates in 2016.


Trump cancels key services for unaccompanied child migrants – live

Officials say language classes and recreation programs for immigrant children staying in federal shelters ‘not directly necessary’

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4.19pm BST

The Trump administration is canceling English classes, legal aid and recreational programs for unaccompanied immigrant minors staying in federal shelters, the Washington Post reports.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is wit...

Trump’s Federal Reserve pick withdraws from consideration – live

Stephen Moore, economist beset by legal and financial issues, pulls out following multiple reports by the Guardian on his past

  • Trump’s Fed pick underpaid ex-wife’s alimony for years – exclusive
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8.26pm BST

While Trump has often claimed to want to provide Americans healthcare, his administration has been pushing to gut the Affordable Care Act, best known as “Obamacare...