Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is changing the way politicians use social media

If you aren’t following Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on social media, we highly recommend it.

Regardless of where you fall on the partisan political spectrum, there is something for everyone to learn from Ocasio-Cortez, who will officially become the youngest-ever congresswoman next month.

Though the new Democratic-led House won’t be seated until January 3, the New York City congresswoman-elect is already building a large following with her approach ...

Midterm elections: Sean Hannity accused of lying about Trump rally as Beto O’Rourke delivers final message – live

  • Fox News host campaigned onstage with Trump after claiming he wouldn’t
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3.09pm GMT

Guardian readers have been in touch about how they’re voting and the reasons why. For Lynne in New Mexico, universal healthcare and abortion rights are key issues. “I’d like to see universal healthcare provi...

Has Obamacare become a winning issue for Democrats?

Democrats were once reluctant to engage with attacks on the law. But in the midterms campaign, the tide has turned

Donald Trump would like to believe it’s all about him. And there is no doubt that the extraordinarily divisive US president has helped drive turnout on both sides of the midterm elections.

But after their catastrophe of 2016, when Hillary Clinton was criticised for lacking a clear message to compete with “Make America great again”, Democrats realised that a pure anti-Trump message would not be enough. Instead, many have maintained a laser-like focus on a single issue: protecting Americans’ healthcare.

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A guide to how Democrats can take back the House in the midterms

Two years after President Donald Trump’s stunning upset win (despite receiving nearly three million fewer votes than his opponent), Democrats finally have a chance to regain control of one (or both) chambers of legislature. This would mean an opportunity for Congress to finally offer meaningful checks and balances on the Trump administration after the midterm elections, this Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Democrats need to flip 24 seats to win the House. Twenty-five GOP-controlled districts...

Trump claims ignorance over racist election advert after Fox and Facebook pull it – live

President said ‘I don’t know about it’ when asked about the advert that included false claims and was criticized for stoking fear of immigrants

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10.36pm GMT

Trump is in Indiana. Why Indiana? He hopes to tip the senate race away from Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly and toward challenger Mike Braun, a former R...

Trump said black people were ‘too stupid’ to vote for him, claims Michael Cohen – live

Cohen told Vanity Fair that Trump ‘repeatedly used racist language before his presidency’. Meanwhile, Obama speaks in Florida before midterms

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7.44pm GMT

Pramila Jayapal, a Washington state congresswoman, is one of hundreds of Democrats now running on single-payer healthcare, a monumental shift to the left for the party which – even when it controlled Congress and the White House in 200...