Bernie Sanders boosted by Fox News town hall broadcast – live

The 2020 presidential candidate showed his brand of democratic socialism could have traction in Trump country

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1.59pm BST

Hello and welcome to our live blog coverage of the race to 2020. The political world is marveling this morning at how spectacularly Bernie Sanders upended expectations last night that his appearance in a Fox News town hall would somehow ...

The Hill to Die On review: Trump, Ryan and a Republican dumpster fire

Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer deliver a deeply sourced tale of ineptitude, cowardice and other common political traits

Donald Trump is now going all in for Obamacare repeal. His latest picks for the Federal Reserve include Stephen Moore, a tax-dodging deadbeat dad, and Herman Cain, a guy with a track record of alleged sexual harassment. Apparently, the president has learned little from the Republicans’ 2018 shellacking at the hands of America’s soccer moms.

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Two Republican attorneys general just made Trump look like a fool with one crisp paragraph

Last week, over the objections of President Donald Trump’s own attorney general and his own health secretary, the Trump administration announced that it would not defend the Affordable Care Act against a lawsuit that is widely viewed as frivolous. On Monday, the Republican attorneys general of Ohio and Montana joined the chorus of legal experts who oppose Trump’s effort to kill Obamacare by judicial decree, filing an amicus brief arguing that the operative parts of the law shou...

White House reversed more than 25 security clearance denials, says whistleblower – live

  • Security adviser Tricia Newbold made revelation last month
  • House Democrats to subpoena full Mueller report
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6.45pm BST

Joe Biden’s spokesman hit back at media coverage of the former vice president’s treatment of women, stating photos alleging to show inappropriate behavior on Biden’s part are a smear campaign led by “right wing trolls”.

These smears a...

One of Trump’s health reform picks says he actually wants to improve Obamacare

It’s pretty obvious that the Trump administration has no real plan for what to do next should the federal courts overturn the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — just look at who the president put in charge of the replacement plan.

Last week, President Donald Trump said a team of GOP senators will craft legislation that will replace the ACA, including Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL). But on Monday, Scott said he’s actually more interested in improving the current health law.

Donald Trump’s ‘party of health care’ has spent a decade failing to repeal and replace Obamacare

After a bruising midterm election in which widespread insecurity over the future of health care helped pace extraordinary gains for Democrats, allowing them to retake the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump has decided to re-up this failed strategy.

This week, the White House let it be known that the administration would not defend the Affordable Care Act in a case that could end in the wholesale invalidation of the Obama-era health care reform law. Such a result would ...

From victory to vengeance: Trump scents blood in 2020 fight

The president celebrated the Mueller report – but then his latest effort to invalidate Obamacare left some feeling he ‘stepped all over that message’

It felt like a victory lap. At a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday night, surrounded by a sea of red Make America Great Again hats, a defiant Donald Trump held the podium before a raucous crowd.

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