Trump’s 2020 campaign kick-off was a parade of his favorite lies and dog whistles

President Donald Trump filed for reelection the day he was inaugurated and has held countless campaign rallies in the two and a half year since. On Tuesday night, he “officially” kicked off his 2020 campaign.

In a rambling speech in Orlando, Trump confirmed that this campaign will look quite similar to the last — in no small part because he spoke as if he was still campaigning against his former rival, Hillary Clinton.

“The only collusion was committed by th...

Millions to lose benefits under Trump’s proposal to change how poverty is defined, new study shows

A new study released Tuesday shows just how insidious the Trump administration’s proposal to change the way the federal government measures poverty actually is. In short: millions could lose health and food benefits.

By way of background, in May, Trump’s budget agency sought public comment on updating the inflation rate used by the Census Bureau to determine the poverty line and estimate who’s poor. This technical change matters a lot because the federal poverty li...

Trump says he’ll announce a ‘phenomenal’ new health care plan soon. Where was it the last 2 years?

President Donald Trump says he’ll unveil a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in two months time. But he’s failed to produce a viable plan for the last two years, and it’s unlikely a few more weeks will change anything.

“If we win back the House, we’re going to produce phenomenal health care,” Trump said in an interview with ABC News that aired Sunday night. “And we already have the concept of the plan, but it’ll ...

Trump cancels key services for unaccompanied child migrants – live

Officials say language classes and recreation programs for immigrant children staying in federal shelters ‘not directly necessary’

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4.19pm BST

The Trump administration is canceling English classes, legal aid and recreational programs for unaccompanied immigrant minors staying in federal shelters, the Washington Post reports.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is wit...

The Religious Right holds a special day to pray ‘Trump’s enemies’ away

The National Day of Prayer is held on the first Thursday of May every year, which in 2019 fell on May 2.

But last week, Franklin Graham, Jr. called for Sunday, June 2, to be a “special Day of Prayer for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.”

In a statement on Facebook, Graham said, “President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything to destroy him, his family, and the presidency. In the history of our country, no president has been attacked ...

Navy acknowledges request to hide USS John S. McCain from Trump’s view

The U.S. Navy admitted that it received a request, presumably from White House aides, to hide the USS John S. McCain during President Donald Trump’s recent state visit to Japan.

But Rear Admiral Charlie Brown, chief of information, said in a statement released to NBC news on Saturday morning that although a request was received, Navy officials didn’t act on it, and insist nothing was done to obscure the battleship.

“A request was made to t...

Facing a close 2020 race, Martha McSally suddenly wants to defend John McCain’s honor

Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ), who was appointed to fill the vacant Senate seat of John McCain, is demanding an investigation to find out which administration official ordered the U.S.S. John S. McCain be hidden during the president’s visit to Japan last weekend. While this is far from the first slight by the Trump administration against the late senator, it is the first time Sen. Martha McSally has shown any interest in criticizing it.

The story, which might be a bigger scandal ...

Trump administration has now dismantled every major transgender protection it can

The Trump administration announced Friday morning sweeping changes to the rules protecting transgender people from discrimination in health care. Combined with an announcement earlier this week ending gender identity protections in homeless shelters, the administration has now taken steps to exclude transgender people from almost every aspect of public life, including employment, housing, health care, education, prisons, and the military.

The Trump administration has been forecastin...

Trump and anti-vaxxers, together at last

Last week, the Trump administration asked a federal appeals court to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. Their argument is fundamentally flawed in numerous ways, not the least of which is the fact that it relies on a dissenting opinion that is explicitly at odds with a binding decision by the Supreme Court’s majority.

On Wednesday, a handful of conservative groups weighed in with amicus briefs supporting this attack on Obamacare. They include an organization founde...