Obama slams politicians lying

Former-President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail with fiery rallies in Wisconsin and Michigan where he lambasted the Republican party and President Trump for lying about everything from the Affordable Care Act to phone security.

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This is how much more expensive health care premiums will be in 2019 thanks to Trump

Health care premiums will be up to 16 percent higher in 2019 than they would have been had the Trump administration not worked so hard to chip away at the Affordable Care Act.

A new study released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the Trump administration’s decision to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate and expand skimpy short-term health plans have made premiums across the board — whether on the Obamacare marketplace or not — an average of 6 percent h...

Audience laughs at Rep. Steve Knight after he says the economy is ‘explosive’ thanks to GOP tax cuts

SIMI VALLEY, CA — Republicans passed a sweeping tax bill last year that mainly benefited wealthy individuals and corporations, but that hasn’t stopped Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) from arguing it deeply changed the economy to benefit everyone.

In a debate on Thursday night with his Democratic opponent, Katie Hill, Knight said the economy was “explosive” thanks to the tax bill passed last year. His statements ignore the reality of the bill he voted for, as well as...