Bernie Sanders boosted by Fox News town hall broadcast – live

The 2020 presidential candidate showed his brand of democratic socialism could have traction in Trump country

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1.59pm BST

Hello and welcome to our live blog coverage of the race to 2020. The political world is marveling this morning at how spectacularly Bernie Sanders upended expectations last night that his appearance in a Fox News town hall would somehow ...

Democrats’ strategy for winning in 2020? Policy, and lots of it.

There’s a long, long way to go before the 2020 presidential campaign draws to a close. Early-round primary voting is still nine months away, and the field of Democratic hopefuls stands at nearly two dozen, with even more contenders poised to enter.

And although the average American is far more engrossed in the final season of Game of Thrones than the preliminary jockeying among presidential aspirants, the campaign goes on. And on.

So just how do a swelling numbers of De...

Stephen Miller is mad the administration isn’t moving fast enough to deny immigrants benefits

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller is openly berating top members of the Trump administration for failing to implement “public charge,” a proposed rule change that would deny residency status to immigrants who rely on public benefits.

“You ought to be working on this regulation all day every day,” Miller reportedly shouted during a meeting last month in the White House situation room, according to The New York Times. “It should be the first thought you have when y...