Democrats brace for life with a House GOP majority

Senate Democrats are bracing for the possibility for life under a divided government, with President Biden in office and a strong possibility of a Republican-controlled House.

Democrats hope they can retain their majority in the Senate, where a number of political handicappers say the party is favored. That would give Democrats more leverage and congressional support for Biden over the next two years.

But if the House does fall as expected, lawmakers expect partisan gr...

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Here’s what’s in the Inflation Reduction Act, the sweeping health and climate bill passed Sunday


Biden cheers Senate vote on Inflation Reduction Act, urges House to pass bill quickly

President Biden on Sunday applauded the Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, calling it the "largest investment ever in combatting the existential crisis of climate change" as he urged the House to pass its version of the bill as soon as possible.

The president also touted the 775-page climate, healthcare and tax bill for "making the wealthiest corporations finally pay their fair share."

"Senate Democrats sided with American families over special interests, v...

Senate passes sweeping tax, climate package after marathon vote; Harris breaks tie

Senate Democrats have passed their sweeping tax, health care and climate change legislation after a marathon night of voting, with Vice President Harris casting the decisive vote to break a 50-50 deadlock and send the package to the House.  

The long-awaited $740 billion bill would raise taxes on corporations, tackle climate change, lower prescription drug costs and reduce the deficit. 

The bill was approved on Sunday afternoon after a full night and morning in which...

Vulnerable Democrats seek cover on Title 42

Vulnerable Democrats in the early hours of Sunday sought cover on preserving Title 42, the Trump-era health order that prevents migrants from entering the country on asylum claims.  

Six Democrats voted for the amendment put forward by Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), who said it would have ensured that a comprehensive plan is in place before Title 42 is lifted. 

Five vulnerable Democratic incumbents voted for the amendment, along with Tester, the sponsor, but...

Harris breaks 50-50 deadlock to advance landmark climate, tax, health bill

The Senate voted along party lines Saturday afternoon to advance a sweeping bill to reform the tax code, tackle climate change and lower the cost of prescription drugs, taking a big step closer to giving President Biden a major victory before the November midterm elections.  

The Senate voted 51 to 50 to proceed to the 755-page bill, after Vice President Kamala Harris arrived at the Capitol to cast the tie-breaking vote. 


How the battle over the Democrats’ climate, tax and health bill will play out 


Schumer ‘in touch’ with Sinema as Dems seek to move climate, taxes package


Moody’s: Schumer-Manchin deal will ‘nudge’ economy, inflation ‘in the right direction’

The deal announced last week by Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) will “nudge the economy and inflation in the right direction” and “meaningfully” address climate change, a new analysis by Moody's Analytics found. 

The analysis comes at a critical moment when Schumer and Manchin are hoping to persuade the last hold-out Democratic senator to support the deal: centrist Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.). 

The deal, which would rais...