Alabama Senate hopeful who authored an ACA repeal sells ‘free’ pro-life stickers — for $4 each

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), who claims to be “pro-life” despite his repeated votes to take health insurance away from millions of people, is hoping to cash in on his state’s new unconstitutional abortion ban.

Byrne, who is seeking his party’s nomination to challenge Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) next year, is currently giving away “free” pro-life stickers with his campaign logo on them — as long as you donate $4 to his campaign.

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The “Conscience” Rule: How Will It Affect Patients’ Access to Health Services?

On May 2, 2019, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Office of Civil Rights (OCR) released a final rule that heightens the rights of hospitals and health workers to refuse to participate in patients’ medical care based on religious or moral grounds. The rule covers OCR’s authority to investigate and enforce violations of 25 federal “conscience protection” laws. Tied to the US Constitution’s spending power, the rule applies to state and local governments, as well as public ...

Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke dies aged 89 – rolling coverage

Hawke, the longest serving Labor prime minister who remained a popular public figure, has passed away

Bob Hawke, Australia’s longest serving Labor prime minister and widely seen as a popular ‘larrikin’ figure even into his old age, has passed away.

Hawke led the Labor party to victory in four consecutive elections from 1983, leading a transformative period in Australia during which the government established Medicare, Landcare, and superannuation schemes, deregulated the financial industry and floated the Australian dollar. He set up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, and investigated but never managed a treaty with Indigenous Australia.

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