Healthcare is Trump’s Achilles heel. Republicans don’t get it | Lloyd Green

Five million Americans have lost their health insurance in a pandemic - yet Republicans are still trying to end Obamacare

Like Moloch, the ancient pagan god, Donald Trump is ever ready to demand that Americans sacrifice themselves for his greater good. He commanded that states open up early, and then this happened: Arizona, Florida, and Texas are looking like Wuhan redux. Come this fall, the president also expects that parents will put their children in harm’s way for the sake of his...

Coronavirus Australia live update: national cabinet to discuss hotel quarantine and Victoria lockdown

State and territory leaders to consider cap on international arrivals as Melbourne infections grow. Follow live news and updates

Reproductive health provider Marie Stopes Australia says it is concerned that telehealth services introduced as part of the coronavirus support package in April could be rolled back in September, increasing the cost to people accessing termination services.

A study published in BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health journal, on patient experiences of accessing medical abortion services at Marie Stopes using a telehealth in 2017, was released on Friday.

Marie Stopes Australia says women could face higher out-of-pocket costs when they try to access discreet medical terminations if the measures are done away with.

Before the pandemic, people were only allowed to bill Medicare for telehealth when it was their regular GP or one they had seen in the past six months.

A-League boss Greg O’Rourke was just on Radio National, and told host Hamish McDonald he was “pretty relieved” that three Melbourne-based clubs have obtained permission to enter NSW.

About 120 players and staff from Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory and Western United will fly up via charter flight today, then spend 14 days in quarantine, being shuttled from the hotel to a quarantined training ground.

Yeah absolutely, absolutely, as the head of the league it is my responsibility and I take full accountability for it.

No departure plans have been announced, with head of leagues Greg O’Rourke announcing on Thursday each traveller will need to have tested negative to Covid-19 before making the trip.

Regular testing has been ongoing at all A-League clubs and O’Rourke said when Western United’s most recent swabs had been cleared, the teams will be free to travel.

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