20,000 Republicans just voted for an actual Nazi

The former head of the American Nazi Party ran for the Republican nomination of Congress in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. No Republican stepped up to oppose him.

On Tuesday, despite his vocal Holocaust denial, his anti-Semitic rhetoric, and his white supremacist views,  20,339 Illinois Republicans, according to preliminary totals, cast their ballots for Arthur Jones on Tuesday.

Jones’ Nazi-sympathies were not a secret going into election day. His campaign ...

2017: The year when incompetence saved America

Close your eyes for a few seconds and remember the despair you felt one year ago, while a Trump presidency was still a looming but unavoidable nightmare.

Donald Trump, a man with no empathy and even less grasp of policy nuances, was the president-elect. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), a man who literally fantasized about cutting health benefits for poor people during his college keg parties, had spent the Obama years rallying his fellow Republican lawmakers around a singularly cruel agend...