Trump announces new visa restrictions and plan to extend travel ban

The president also showed a willingness to make cuts to social security and Medicare and will attend an anti-abortion event

As the impeachment trial gets into stride in Washington against Donald Trump, the president on Wednesday announced a plethora of new plans, policies and programs as he prepared to make his way back to the US from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Speaking with reporters in Davos, Trump announced that he intends to expand his controversial travel ban...

Joe Biden used to be a progressive Democrat. What happened? | Bhaskar Sunkara

Social security and Medicare are the two most popular programs ever developed by the Democratic party. But Biden joined Republicans to try to cripple them

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters not looking forward to a potential Joe Biden nomination might want to time-travel back to 1972.

That year, Biden was an underdog Senate candidate running against a popular incumbent. With his sister, Valerie, as campaign manager and limited resources, he knocked on hundreds of do...