RBG says women are being “tossed to the wind” in Supreme Court birth control case

The US Supreme Court today heard oral arguments in controversial cases about religious and moral objections to contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration expanded existing “conscience exemptions” dramatically but a nationwide injunction has so far blocked the new rules from going into place.

The justices’ phone debate was long and sometimes painfully technical. However, distilled, the issue at the heart of these matters is relatively simp...

Why US businesses are opining on a Supreme Court case about contraception

On May 6, the US Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases about the Trump administration’s expansion of the “conscience” exemptions to contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The changes allow institutions providing health insurance to avoid paying for birth control, for religious or moral reasons, without notice.

A nationwide injunction has blocked implementation of the changes so far. Now the justices are faced with three very technical legal que...

Kavanaugh says he has a lot of female friends and therefore he could not have ever assaulted a woman

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh repeatedly claimed Thursday that he could not have sexually assaulted anyone because he has women friends, which, dear readers, is (of course!) ridiculous.

“One of my closest friends to this day is a woman who was sexually abused and who in the 1990s when we were in our 30s confided in me about the abuse and sought my advice. I was one of the only people she consulted,” he said, several minutes into his angry testimony.

He wou...