Norfolk Islanders go to UN to fight Australia over right to self-govern

Human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson launches legal challenge on behalf of islanders, who say they are a distinct ethnic group

The international human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson has launched a legal challenge with the United Nations on behalf of Norfolk Islanders, alleging the Australian government has placed islander’s culture and language at risk by revoking their right to self-govern.

The island – roughly halfway between Australia and New Zealand – had been governed by its legislative assembly since 1979, until the Australian government’s decision in 2015 to revoke its autonomy. Australian federal and state laws are now enforced and islanders are now entitled to Medicare and other government services. Travelling between the island and Australia no longer requires a passport.

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Trump’s latest attempt to gut Obamacare could backfire spectacularly

Congratulations on your expanded welfare state!CREDIT: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As soon as this week, according to Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, Trump intends to decide whether to cut off payments intended to stabilize insurance markets and make health care affordable for many Americans with modest incomes.

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Even if Trumpcare fails, Obamacare’s foes have a plan B

Remember when presidents didn’t sabotage people’s health care?CREDIT: AP Photo/Molly Riley

The Senate is expected to hold a key procedural vote Tuesday on some version of the Trumpcare legislation, even though no one appears to know what is in the bill, or even if major provisions of the bill will have to be struck because they violate the Senate rules.

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Three local governments are taking fossil fuel giants to court over climate deception

Two California counties and one town are suing fossil fuel companies for damages related to sea level rise.Waves pound a wall near buildings in Pacifica, CA. CREDIT: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File

Two California counties and one California city have filed a lawsuit against 37 of the world’s biggest fossil fuel producers, seeking payment for damages brought by climate change.

The three localities are...