‘Do the right thing’: Mitch McConnell, Alabama, and the Jason Kander rule

It’s unclear just how much Alabama and the Senate’s Republican leadership can drag their feet to delay actually seating Senator-elect Doug Jones (D-AL) after his victory in Tuesday’s special election. But if Republican lawmakers try to force through the tax cut bill without letting Jones have a say, they will be diverging from a tradition of respecting the results of elections — and their own rhetoric after Republican victories in special elections.

Jason Kan...

Doug Jones could kill the GOP tax bill. Here’s how Mitch McConnell can stop him.

A wave of their own incompetence is about to come crashing down on the Republican Party.

After barely passing a tax bill costing $1.4 trillion — cutting taxes for corporations and most rich people, hiking taxes for the poor, and destabilizing health insurance markets — Senate Republicans discovered a $250 billion drafting error in the bill. One Republican, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) already opposed the bill. Another, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is now wavering on the bill R...

A Quartz visual guide to the current state of US government dysfunction

On his first day at work, the new White House chief of staff, John Kelly, brought in some order: He pushed Anthony Scaramucci, the flamboyant and divisive new communications director, out of his job. But whether Kelly can impose some discipline on the rest of the Trump administration and its allies in Congress is another matter.