No Obamacare replacement 3 years after Trump’s promise to ‘immediately’ change it

Nearly three years after taking office, Americans still are waiting for Trump's big health insurance reveal. Prescription drug prices have edged lower, but with major legislation stuck in Congress it's unclear if that relief is the start of a trend or merely a blip.

Melania Trump is taking ‘Be Best’ to Africa, because of course she is

First Lady Melania Trump is officially taking her “Be Best” campaign to Africa, because of course she is.

Melania will be heading for her first major solo international trip on Monday. Over the next week, she will travel to Ghana, Malawai, Kenya, and Egypt to discuss the campaign, which she says has many concepts that can be applied globally.

Melania first introduced her “Be Best” campaign in May. At the time, she said it would be focused on addressing...

What’s going on with North Korea is a cautionary tale in rushing diplomacy

Amid talks of a historic deal with North Korea and a possible Noble Peace Prize for President Donald Trump (chiefly among his GOP supporters, his aides, and, well, himself), North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seems to be slamming the brakes on the negotiations.

While White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Trump administration is “still hopeful that the meeting will take place,” signalling that the president is ready for “tough negotiations,” it&...

How Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo blew it at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote against the nomination of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State on Monday — which would be the first such vote for a secretary of state nominee.

CIA Director Pompeo, who would replace Rex Tillerson (who was fired in March), has thus far not received the support of a single Democrat on the SFRC (nor Kentucky Republican Rand Paul).

Bracing for the SFRC vote, Trump tweeted on Monday morning that it was partisan politi...